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Studio located in downtown Mesa, Arizona.

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Strong, Beautiful, You.

Who will be at my session: After my professional hair and make-up artist leaves, it will be just me and you! 

Where is the studio: I have my studio near downtown Mesa, Arizona near the library, but if you'd prefer to do your shoot out of the comfort of your own home, that would be fine as well! 

​How should I prepare: Contact me for your free dream shoot planner! 

Wardrobe available: Because I've had a lingerie fetish for years, I do have a collection of items you can choose from. My inventory will be available to see online in July, but in the meantime, I can send them to you via email if interested in seeing some images! I do, however, encourage you to use this as an excuse to go out and buy something nice for yourself if you're able. If you need assistance picking out your outfits, I would love to help!   

How naked will I need to get: That is 100% up to you. Some clients want to have nearly no skin showing while others want to bare it all and go with an artistic nude shoot. It all depends on the look you're going for. We will have a consultation before your session to discuss hair, make-up, wardrobe, and comfort level so I can be sure not to suggest something that would make you uncomfortable.

​Posing: I will guide you through the entire process! Chances are you haven't done this type of shoot before so I will make sure you look amazing. 

Lead-time on photos: No long lead times here, ladies! We will pre-schedule your reveal session a week from your session.

What is a Reveal Session: After your images have been edited, I will set up what is called a reveal session! We will meet in studio, or in your home, have a beverage, and look at your beautiful images. Feel free to bring your friends! After that, you will tell me what images you'd like to have and what products you're interested in! It will be a girl-date. 

Privacy on Photos: Don't worry. Your images will not be shown to anyone else without your approval. After your reveal session, we will discuss the photos (if any) that you are ok with me using in my marketing. 


Investment Outline

This is an investment in yourself and something that you will cherish for years to come...

Session Fee $175

Professional Hair and Make-Up

One Hour Session In Studio or Your Home

Artistic Editing of Images

​Order and Reveal Session

Products, Prints, and Digitals Sold Separately.

Framed Images on the Wall Start at $150.


3, 6, and 9 month Payment Plans Available.

Session Fee is Non-Refundable

What is Boudoir


Boudoir, to me, is an experience that is meant to build a woman's confidence in herself and embracing her femininity. It doesn't matter your shape, size, color, or life status. When working with me in my Phoenix, Arizona boudoir studio, I promise a fun and safe environment where you can express yourself. Because you sacrifice so much for others, it's time to do something for YOU. It's more like a fun pampering girl-day with an old friend. I will coach and guide you through the entire process. In the end, it isn't just about having photos that you can love and cherish for years to come, but it's about building confidence in yourself and loving who you are- both mentally and physically. I joke and say it's a type of photo-therapy. But it truly is.